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Carla Brookbank-Schaal
Carla Brookbank-Schaal Crystl Bustos   Kaylyn Castillo  Julie Cavanaugh


Player Name

A.J. Andrews (2016-17) Louisiana State University
Erin Arevalo (2012-13) University of Georgia
Monica Armendarez (2000) Indiana University
Antionette Armstrong (2004) Tennessee State University
Hillary Bach (2012-13) Arizona State University
Sam Banister (2009) University of Arizona
Brittany Barnes (2008) Georgia Tech University
Jill Barrett (2014-15) University of Tulsa
Lindsay Bashor (2005) California State University, Fullerton
Lexy Bennett (2012) University of Texas
Caitlyn Benyi (2006-07) University of California, Los Angeles
Megan Betsa (2017) University of Michigan
Leah Braatz (1999) University of Arizona
Carla Brookbank-Schaal (1999-00, 2011) Kent State University
Liza Brown (1999-00) DePaul University
Courtney Bures (2010-11) Mississippi State University
Clare Burnum (2010) Oregon State University
Megan Bush (2011-12) University of Florida
Crystl Bustos (1999, 2005-06, 09-10) West Palm Beach Community College
Kristen Butler (2006-09) University of Florida
Hannah Campbell (2014-15) University of South Alabama
Lannah Campbell (2014) University of Alabama - Birmingham
Kaylyn Castillo (2012-13) Arizona State University
Julie Cavanaugh (1999) University of Oregon
Jaime Chenevey (1999) The Ohio State University
Brianna Cherry (2014) University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Morgan Childers (2011) University of South Carolina - Upstate
India Chiles (2008) University of Tennessee
Kaitlin Cochran (2009) Arizona State University
Traci Conrad (1999-00) University of Michigan
Danielle Cox (2000) Florida State University
Aimee Creger (2015-17) University of Tulsa
Kailee Cuico (2014-15) University of Oregon
Traci Conrad A.J. Andrews Jaime Chenevey Kristen Butler

 * Retired Jerseys in Red







Sarah Dawson Tobin Echo-Hawk


Player Name School
Sarah Dawson (1999-00) University of Louisiana at Monroe
Hannah Day (2016-17) Troy University
Dana Degen (2004) University of Hawaii
Brigette Del Ponte (2013) University of Arizona
Norrelle Dickson (2007-08) University of Oklahoma
Andrea D'Innocenzo (2000) University of Connecticut
Shannon Doepking (2008) University of Tennessee
Jodi Dolan (1999) The Ohio State University
Ashlee Ducote (2000) Louisiana State University
Tobin Echo-Hawk (1999-00, 05) University of Nebraska
Morgan Estell (2015) Auburn University
Haley Fagan (2017) Auburn University
Sami Fagan (2016-17) University of Missouri
Rachele Fico (2013-17) Louisiana State University
Danielle Fincham (2004) Kent State University
Sam Fischer-Cooke (2016-17) Loyola Marymount University
Jailyn Ford (2016-17) James Madison University
Magali Frezzotti (2016) N/A
Melissa Frost (1999) Marshall University
Jessica Garcia (2012-15) University of New Mexico
Megan Geer (2017) University of Tennessee
Jennifer Gilbert (2014-17) Ball State University
Geri Ann Glasco (2016) University of Oregon
Kim Gonzalez (2006) Seattle University
Maddy Grimm (2017) Kent State University
Sara Groenewegen (2017) University of Minnesota
Amber Hall (2006) University of Texas
Briana Hamilton (2015) Florida State University
Kim Hamilton (2008) Kent State University
Danielle Henderson (2004) University of Massachusetts
Alicia Herron (2012) The Ohio State University
Brianna Hesson (2012-13) University of Georgia
Shelby Hiers (2017) University of Arkansas
Kelsey Hoffman (2009) Virginia Tech University
Alicia Hollowell (2007) University of Arizona
Alex Hugo (2016-17) University of Georgia


Sami Fagan Rachele Fico




Jamee Juarez

Krisin Johnson



Player Name School
Kaitlyn Inglesby (2014) University of Washington
Jana Jenkins (1999-00) University of Akron
Sari-Jane Jenkins (2009) University of Oregon
Heidi Johnson (2009) Troy University
Kristin Johnson (2004-07) University of Iowa
Griffin Joiner (2015-17) University of Kentucky
Jamee Juarez (2007-10) The Ohio State University
Ayumi Karino (2013-15) N/A
Oli Keohohou (2005-06) Bringham Young University
Kelly Kretschman (2005) University of Alabama
Sonoka Kuniyoshi (2015) N/A
Amy Kyler (1999-00, 05-06) Cleveland State University
Sara Larquier (2006) University of Virginia
Ianeta Lei (2006-07) Bringham Young University
Sunny Litteral (1999) Ashland University
Jennifer Lizama (2000) University of Nebraska
Megan Low (2015) University of Texas, San Antonio

          *Retired Jerseys in Red

Ayumi Karino Amy Kyler



Iyhia McMichael Lisa Modglin Lisa Norris


Player Name School
Brittany Mack (2013) Louisiana State University
Sam Marder (2011-13) The Ohio State University
Melissa Massey (2006) Mississippi State University
Brandee McArthur (2004-06) University of the Pacific
Tracee McCoy (2004, 2006-07) University of Akron
Sharonda McDonald (2010-12) Texas A&M University
Radara McHugh (2004-09) University of North Carolina
Iyhia McMichael (2004-07) Mississippi State University
Becky McMurtry (2004) University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Emily Messer (2016) University of South Alabama
Kelli Metzger (1999, 2005) University of Akron
Angelena Mexicano (2008) University of Illinois
Kellie Middleton (2007-08) University of Georgia
Jen Mineau (2012-13) Fordham University
Micaela Minner (2010-11) University of Missouri
Lisa Modglin (2009-12) California Polytechnic State University
Kelley Montalvo (2010-17) University of Alabama
Charlotte Morgan (2013-14) University of Alabama
Taryne Mowatt (2010) University of Arizona
Nerissa Myers (2014-15) University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Nikki Myers (2004) Florida Atlantic University
Shannon Nicholson (2008) Illinois State University
Hoku Nohara (2011-12) New Mexico State University
Lisa Norris (2009-15) University of North Carolina
Nicole Odom (1999-00) University of California, Los Angeles
Susan Ogden (2008) University of Oklahoma
Haley Outon (2014-15) University of Houston
Alison Owen (2014-16) Mississippi State University


Nicole Odom Radara McHugh Tracee McCoy






Jamie Southern Jackie Pasquerella Trena Peel


Player Name School
Aja Paculba (2012-13) University of Florida
Toni Paisley (2011) East Carolina University
Sharon Palma (2011) Wright State University
Jackie Pasquerella (2009-10) Villanova University
Nicole Pauly (2011-12) Northwestern University
Sarah Pauly (2015-16) Texas A&M, Corpus Christi
Trena Peel (2004, 10) Louisiana State University
Hannah Perryman (2016) University of Missouri, St. Louis
Jackie Poggendorf (2005) Miami University (Ohio)
Stephanie Pomes (2006) Baylor University
Jenn Poore (2004-05, 07) University of Oregon
Kenora Posey (2009) University of Tennessee
Emily Price (2006) University of North Carolina
Hillary Puglia (2005) University of Massachusetts
Michelle Puls (1999) University of Maine
Staci Ramsey (2007) University of Alabama
Michelle Reeve (1999) Centenary College
Jamia Reid (2012) University of California, Berkeley
Kasey Reis (2009) Mississippi State University
Ivy Renfroe (2013) University of Tennessee
Chandler Rice (2017) University of Toledo
Samantha Ricketts (2009-10) University of Oklahoma
Kate Robinson (2008-09) University of Hawaii
Shellie Robinson (2015-17) University of South Carolina-Upstate
Kelley Rush (1999) Mercyhurst College
Taylor Schlopy (2011-17) University of Georgia
Nicole Schroeder (2017) University of Arkansas 
Angel Shamblin (2008) University of Houston
Alexis Silkwood (2017) Mississippi State University  
Sandra Simmons (2016) Louisiana State University
Tess Sito (2013) University of Georgia
Jen Smith (2000) University of Nebraska
Jamie Southern (2005-06) Fresno State University
Roya St. Clair (2011) University of Michigan
Brandi Stuart (2004) Florida State University


Taylor Schlopy Sarah Pauly Samantha Ricketts




Kellyn Tate Nicole Trimboli Ashley Thomas


Player Name School
Kellyn Tate (1999-00) University of Michigan
Nadia Taylor (2014) University of Texas
Ashley Thomas (2014-17) Georgia Tech University
Kristina Thorson (2011-12) University of California, Berkeley
Angela Tincher (2008-09) Virginia Tech University
Stephanie Tofft (2014) University of Florida
Tiffany Tolleson (2004) University of North Carolina
Dara Toman (2013) Cleveland State University
Jessica Toocheck (2008-09) Kent State University
Jenny Topping (2005-06, 09) California State University, Fullerton
Nicole Trimboli (2004-05, 11-12) University of Nebraska
Brianna Turang (2013) University of Oklahoma
Reba Tutt (2011) University of Pittsburgh
Cassie Tysarczyk (2015-16) Texas A&M University
April Valdez (2007) University of Oklahoma
Jessica Valis (2010) University of Houston
Mackenzie Vandergeest (2010) University of Arizona
Olivia Watkins (2014) Western Kentucky University
Brittany Weil (2009-10) University of Iowa
Emily Weiman (2017) North Carolina State University
Kasey Whitehead (2004) Mississippi State University
Jessica Williams (2011) Marshall University
Jherica Williams (2008) Wright State University
Laura Winter (2015-17) University of Notre Dame
Lindsay Wood (2004) Georgia Tech University
Veronica Wootson (2007-08) Florida State University
Heather Wright (2004) Florida Atlantic University
Kristen Wyckoff (2017) University of South Florida
Liz Young (2010) New Mexico State University
Sara Zilles (2007) University of Akron


Angela Tincher Jenny Topping

Kristina Thorson


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