General Information


Office/Stadium Location 1575 Firestone Parkway, Akron OH 44301
Front Office Phone 330.376.8188
Front Office Fax 330.376.8348
Colors Red/Black/Silver
Co-Owner/GM Joey Arrietta
Co-Owner/CFO Craig Stout
Field Manager Brian Levin
Asst. Field Manager Dustin Combs



First WPSL Season 1999
First NPF Season 2004
First NPF Championship 2005 vs. Chicago Bandits (5-4)
No. of Teams (as of 2016) 15
First Win May 14, 1999 vs. Virginia Roadsters (8-5)
First Run Scored May 14, 1999 Julie Cavanaugh (after a walk)
First RBI May 14, 1999 Carla Brookbank (single)
First Victory May 14, 1999 Carla Brookbank
First Homerun May 15, 1999 Tobin Echo-Hawk vs. Kaci Clark
First Extra Base Hit May 14, 1999 Jamie Chenevey (double)

Retired Jerseys

Carla Brookbank 4
Amy Kyler 24
Crystl Bustos 6


Name Wheelie
Birthday May 14.1999
Type Cheetah
Firestone Stadium Home of the Akron Racers

Akron Racers in Action

National Anthem before an Akron Racers Game

Akron Racers Celebrate Another Win